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Best way to allow a certain set of users to access the citrix desktop if on a managed machine and not using receiver/workspace

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I have my virtual gateway but I want to only allow a certain set of users access if they have a managed laptop and that they are using the browser and not citrix receiver to log in. The reason for this is to stop a user picking their iphone up and logging into the citrix desktop. However I have other users that are allowed to get access no matter what they choose to use.


I had debated a responder policy so



which i think will work or just have the responder policy bound to the AAA group MyADGroup with REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent CONTAINS Win. I was looking at EPA as a way to find out if it was a managed computer or if that was required. I havent set up EPA before but I am still reading the possibility of setting up a post-authentication bound to the AAA group.


I am hoping someone might have set this up before and I wasnt sure if EPA was the way to go as its for a small set of users and I am guessing that the EPA software will needed downloaded to everyone and just to a specific AD group.


I hope I explained that well enough

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