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Netscaler VPX - unable to save config without a license

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Using a unlicensed netscaler for basic trouble shooting and upgrade tests.  Now after upgrading to it will now not allow me to  save the current config because it's unlicensed.

It will not work in the shell or the web interface.  I supposed I could just copy the file but that fact that Citrix is doing this kind of unfriendly tactics makes me wonder how much it would cost me to move to some other vendor.  


All we are trying to do is test things before going to production and we run into this restricting BS that will cause more harm than good in the long run.   I understand they were being exployted by some users with trial licenses but to restrict the save config command is a little too much.


Very displeased with Citrix actions lately.  They wouldn't even give us a trail license for testing upon request even thought we have 2 in production that are licensed.     

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