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Upgraded agent citrix VDA 1912 LTSR stuck on black display when tried to reconnect

Roger Castillo


Hi everyone,


I am running some odd issues using 1912 LTSR.


I have a couple of physical machines installed with 7.15 CU5 LTSR without monitors attached on to it. Users can access the machines and reconnect without any issues.


Last weekend, I upgraded them to 1912 LTSR and the problem started. They can connect once to the machine, but when they were disconnect or reconnect the next day they'll be able to reconnect but stuck on black screen or they cannot control the machine anymore. They can only control the machine back or navigate inside citrix environment if I attached a monitor to the machine. Is this how the 1912 LTSR works?


There's no changes on the machine hardware, just upgraded to 1912 LTSR.


Thank you!

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Hi we got a similar Problem in our enviroment. Users get stuck at a black screen when disconnecting from their session or when they try to reconnect to that session. 


We are using CVAD and PVS 1912 CU1 together with Windows Server 2019. 


Could you resolve your problem by changing the "Enhanced Desktop Experience" Policy? In our Policy this setting is not configured so i think by default its allowed than ?! 


Would be great  if anyone has another tipp for me :)


thanks guys! 


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