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ADM alert if a server is down?

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Just getting started with ADM 13.x and I was trying to configure things for an internal team so that if a server went out of service they would get an alert.  I can't seem to accomplish that.  I can only get an alert using "entitydown" or "entityofs" if the entire service/app/farm (not sure what to call it) goes down.  I don't however see a way to alert for a server going out of service?


If that isn't possible with ADM, then I thought maybe I could just let them get an alert when their appscore is below 100%.  I see where you can set thresholds and alerts for appinsight I believe, but you can't seem to get granular to only alert for a particular app and not all apps?


Any advice on whether a) is what I am asking possible?  b) if possible, what am I missing?

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