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SAML authentication for Gateway: License Requirements and Login Changes?

David Joye

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I've been reading through a number of guides for configuring SAML authentication for Citrix Gateway. I have a NetScaler 12.0 (and VAD 1912LTSR) and currently use LDAPS + RADIUS (with Azure NPS) but would like to be able to utilize SAML with Azure AD so that I can leverage conditional access policies with external users.


  1. The NetScaler has a Standard license without AAA checked, is that going to prevent me from configuring SAML?
  2. I'd initially like SAML to be the authentication method for the gateway only. Users on the LAN can go to the StoreFront login page or use SSO with the Workspace application. After installing and configuring FAS, will the StoreFront login redirect to Azure instead of the typical username/password StoreFront page or will the other options continue to function?
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1. You can configure SAML directly on the Gateway vServer. However, Workspace app can't authenticate to Gateway unless you configure nFactor, which requires Advanced/Enterprise Edition.


2. SAML is on the Gateway only and doesn't affect direct connections to StoreFront. FAS only happens after the user clicks an icon. FAS does not affect client-side authentication.

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