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FSLogix Profile Containers and Folder Redirection

Christopher Yue


CVA 1909

Publishing Server 2019 Desktops

Office 365 Pro Plus

FSLogix Profile Containers


Right now, I redirecting Desktop, Downloads, Pictures and  Documents to user Home Shares and I am about to provide access to OneDrive.


Just wanted to know if anyone has decided to turn off Folder Redirection as a consequence or maintained these settings.



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This works totally fine. We applied folder redirections  (Desktop/Documents/Pictures) to OneDrive using AD GPO. And Fslogix Profile Containers as profile solution. We are using for more than 2years, it works absolutely fine. On server 2016, OneDrive Files on Demand feature doesn't work, however, Onedrive works by downloading all files.


For Server 2019, OneDrive Files on Demand feature is compatible, however. may give issues randomly,  you may need to check on Fslogix forums for this particular issue.


PS: As you aware, File on demand feature helps us save storage space by not downloading all the files to the profile container. If you have no issues with storage space, OneDrive works perfect with Files on demand feature not enabled. 



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I have been working with clients to move the Windows known folders to onedrive.  That way they no longer have to provide on-premise storage for that data, it is backed up and scanned by MS.  And it uses storage space that many have been paying for as part of the M365 license.


For large environments I recommend using the migration tools to upload data to onedrive, then when the client connects it will just sync their reason data, not their entire archive.


It also is helpful with the whole pandemic because laptop users like me can work with data offline, then login to Citrix and have the exact same data available.  I can also open my phone, or tablet and get the same data.

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