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VM will not start because of "xenopsd internal error: Memory_interface.Memory_error" in Xenserver

Domenic Del Nano


I am currently running Xenserver 7.6.0 and when I try to start a VM I see the following error


Jul 20 15:17:34 localhost xenopsd-xc: [error|localhost|27 |VM.start R:0e7572ae4998|task_server] Task 8151 failed; Memory_interface.Memory_error([S(Internal_error);S((Sys_error "Broken pipe"))])


I am able to temporarily work around this issue by running xe-toolstack-restart but the problem resurfaces soon after. You can see the full /var/log/xensource.log during the timeframe of this error here (https://pastebin.com/1r5zF9BR). Since it's a memory related error I did double check to ensure that the host has enough memory for the virtual machine. Unfortunately I don't know how to inspect this situation further so I'm looking for guidance on how to debug this.

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