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Maintaining application screen position after user re-logs in

Teun Visser1709159476


Dear community,


At one of my customers a user reports the following:


Whenever i'm working within my Citrix Desktop, i'm always working on the same computer with 2 screens.

When I start for example: Adobe Reader on the left screen, log off my session and re-login, the application will have defaulted to the right screen.

I would like applications to maintain their position whenever I re-login to my session.


Does anyone know where Citrix maintains the position of application windows? Is this something that has to be or can be configured?


I'm working with:

VDI's based on Windows 10 1909, with CVAD 1912 (aswell as on the DDC's as on the VDA side).


Thanks in advance for your reply's!





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Just wondering if anyone found a solution for this?

I'm testing Server 2022 published desktop VDAs at the moment

On the publish desktop some users launch published apps and no matter the app it will jump from the right screen to the left screen upon reconnecting to the session

Locally installed apps don't do this upon reconnect, only Citrix published apps.  I even published Notepad.exe and it did the same thing.

This to me indicates a CWA issue but Citrix have wiped their hands of it saying its an application issue because the issue is seen when I RDP with two screens as well but the common factor is the CWA

This issue doesn't happen on our Server 2016 VDAs.  Same CWA version.  Newest CWA still has the issue


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