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Mixing GSLB active/active and active/passive for one service

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I need to implement a GSLB config across two continents. Each continent should be handled equally (active/active). But within each continent there should be a primary and a backup site (active/passive). I tried to visualize it (see attachment). How can this be achieved? As far as I know it's only possible to decide for active/active or active/passive on the GSLB VServer level. I would need to configure active/passive on the GSLB site or GSLB service level, but I can't find this.

One idea is to add a monitor to the GSLB service in Europe City 2, which monitors the web servers of Europe City 1. If the web servers are up, the GSLB service on Europe City2 goes down and vice versa. Is there a better way to acheive this?



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