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Network Drive Mappings: WEM Unable to disconnect offline mapped drive



I would like to preface this by saying I understand this is not the best approach to a disaster recovery solution for windows NTFS file shares, but it's what I have to work with.

I am using an AD group in WEM with a higher priority that contains network drive mapping assignments to a "DR" file server. The idea being, we execute a PowerShell script to add all users to this group in the event the primary file server is offline. I thought this was a cleaner option as oppsed to unassigning/reassigning the drive mapping actions, it also offloads the DR task to anyone who can manage our AD groups.


  • When both file servers are online, adding a test user to the DR AD group sees its drive mapping updated to the DR file server.
  • When the primary server is offline, WEM cannot disconnect the offline drive mapping and the new mapping fails
    • If I manually disconnect the drive in the GUI and perform a WEM refresh the new drive mapping appears
    • I get the same result if I unassign/reassign to the original AD object in the WEM Console


I have reviewed the WEM Agent log and attached the error.



Self healing is enabled on the network drive actions.

Thank you,

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On 7/20/2020 at 11:29 PM, James Kindon said:

I don’t know the technical answer here on why wem doesn’t play nice (we can probably go digging) - but dfs would make your life so much easier :-)

Hey James,


Thanks for the reply, I wish I'd rechecked the thread earlier.


These 2 file servers are using both DFSR and Namespaces. Here's my problem with DFS:


We have no file locking mechanism in place so one file server need to be preferred. 


Using the 'Set target priority to override referral ordering options' (first/last among all targets), we found files were being modified on both fileservers at the sametime, causing all sorts of issues.


Disabling the "secondary" member for referrals fixed that but that comes with a serious issue; the PDC emulator must be online in order to make changes to DFS configuration. The scenario were dealing with involves an entire datacenter being offline, which means the domain controller with the pdc emulator role is unavailable. This makes it impossible to renable referrals to the secondary file server.


I have opened a ticket with Citrix but in the meantime I'll look at reverting to GPP for drive mappings.


I'll be sure to update the thread with the outcome.



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hey David - no worries - notifications aren't working from Citrix at the moment


Strange with DFS that you still see writes happening on the wrong server - there must be something underlying there as this should 100% not be happening if the preferred target is online.... but that is a moot point I guess (DFS-R is the devil, but DFS-N has been pretty rock solid for me over the years)


Can you send me your case number via private message if you don't get any decent results from support?

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On 7/26/2020 at 8:50 PM, James Kindon said:

hey David - no worries - notifications aren't working from Citrix at the moment


Can you send me your case number via private message if you don't get any decent results from support?


We have stretched datacentre with a single AD site. My next step to get DFS working as it should, is to create an AD site specifically for the secondary file server by associating a /32 subnet to the site, which would be the IP address of the secondary file server. This would put the secondary file server "out of site", which might help with the referrals.

I will send you my case number soon but I'll give support some time to work through the issue first. 

People like yourself are invaluable, I certainly appreciate your engagements with the community.


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