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Director Not Loading After Login

John Wooldridge


After logging into Director, it just hangs with a spinning wheel.


I used CDFControl to trace the Director Service during login (see attached) and it halts at "Adding domain searcher for <domain>"


I have tried the fixes outlined in the following articles with no luck:





Any other suggestions? It appears to happen at random intervals, sometimes I can just get in fine. I've let it go for 15 minutes and Director never loads. Eventually the tracelogs say:


Closing CentralConfigConnecter

Closing BrokerConnector


Thank you for your help.


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Would appreciate any help, we are stuck.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide. We've ruled out the browser, the network connection (doesn't even load on the server its hosted on), and this is a small AD forest with about 30 users and 30 computers. 2 DC. I don't think it's an AD issue.


Thank you!

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A colleague mentioned that if someone is logged in and has Studio running, Director will not load. They stated this has been the case for awhile. I was able to reproduce this.


Google searching hasn't helped me locate the cause of this behavior yet. Can anyone confirm? Is this a bug/feature?

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