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Netscaler for internal SSON (because of two-factor)

Jacob Dixon1709152413


Is it possible to use Netscaler with SSO instead of going directly to Storefront? My reasoning is we need to use two-factor authentication with DUO and DUO supports Netscaler or local Windows login. I tried the local Windows app from DUO on the image but something is messing with the authentication. When you login to Storefront and launch your desktop, you are presented with your credentials again. When I remove DUO from the master image (MCS) it works fine.


Since Citrix doesn't seem interested in figuring this out and blaming DUO, maybe I can try to use Netscaler internally for this? The debug logs from DUO don't display anything and you don't reach the point where DUO is launched (after the login), so while I am sure it has SOMETHING to do with DUO, I am not sure it is 100% DUO's issue.

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