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Netscaler SDX LOM Port losing access when SDX appliance is powered off

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We have SDX 8920 appliance with build 12.1 54.13.


We are facing an issue and currently Citrix technical support has not been able to resolve it.



Access to SDX LOM port is lost whenever the SDX appliance is turned off, The LOM interface is not pingable when the SDX appliance is powered off and as soon as it's powered on the interface is pingable again and we are able to access the LOM GUI. Our network team has checked and nothing is wrong with the switch or the switch port.


Has anyone faced this issue and was able to resolve it, I would much very much appreciate any help to pinpoint the root cause of it.




I have updated the firmware on the SDX appliance to build 57.18 and it didn't fix the issue since there was no update for LOM in this bundle.

The LOM port seems to only work when the LAN interface is set to 'Shared' or 'Failover' (this is only when SDX is powered on) as soon as I change it to 'Dedicated' I lose access to LOM. But when SDX is powered off, I lose access to SDX LOM completely and have to have engineer on site to power back on the appliance.


I have also tried changing the LOM port speed from Auto Negotiate to 100MB Full Duplex (when set to 'Dedicated"). this did not help as well (https://support.oneidentity.com/kb/258869/ipmi-dedicated-interface-settings)


As you can see, the Dedicated LAN Interface shows disconnected, and Active Interface is 'Share'




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