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VDA Registers before Windows Starts


I have a customer using Citrix Cloud to present a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop to their users, with the VDA's running in an on-premises VMware environment. Citrix App Layering is used to create the Master Image for Citrix Provisioning image management. Citrix Desktop OS VDA 2006 is the version for the VDA. My issue is that when the machines are powering on, they are "Registered" in Citrix Cloud BEFORE they even get into Windows at boot time. The attached screenshot shows the state of the Virtual Machine when it becomes registered. Has anyone seen this before and know why this might happen and how to stop it? I'm going to use the "SettlementPeriodBeforeUse" parameter on the "Set-BrokerDesktopGroup" PowerShell command in the meantime to stop Workspace App trying to connect to sessions that aren't ready.

Early Registration.jpg

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Hi Matthew, I cam across this when googling a little late for you but I thought I would post here if someone comes across it.  I usually see these posted on the app layering forums.  Yes this happens all the time with Citrix VDA software.  The way to handle it is to use a setting called SettlementPeriodBeforeUse which tells the Broker to use newly booted machines only after this time period or if it has no other VDAs to assign.  I normally set it to 3 minutes.  You set it via powershell on each delivery group.



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