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Netscalar MPX-5550 Version Upgrade from NS11.0: Build 63.16.nc

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Hi All ,


We have 2 MPX Appliances in HA Configuration as below


Model : NSMPX-5550 4*CPU+6*E1K+2*E1K+1*CVM 1620 675310

Version : NetScaler NS11.0: Build 63.16.nc, Date: Oct 4 2015, 08:55:49


1. what is the recommended upgrade path  for our version  , can we directly go to 12.1 or 13.0 ? 


2. Apart from taking backups etc,  is there anything else we should take care about existing settings etc ( or  risks  ?  )  given that we are at an older version  ? 


Appreciate your quick response in this regard  

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Citrix says: "It is a best practice to upgrade to one major release at a time. Do not upgrade directly to the latest version." However, I've not seen any problems upgrading directly to 12.1. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/13/upgrade-downgrade-citrix-adc-appliance/upgrade-downgrade-before-you-begin.html


Since you're on 11, you already have Portal Themes so you don't have to convert your custom to those.


I usually upgrade the Secondary, failover, and let it run for some time before I upgrade the original Primary.

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