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Chrome KO with Netscaler / Webi 5.4 / Xenapp 6.5

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I have a bug with a Netscaler (NS11.1 64.14.nc), which carries a VIP (NetScaler Gateway Virtual Servers), which redirects to an old Webi 5.4
When you go through Chrome it "bug" for example at the level of the "desktop" tab it is transparent and the click is a little unstable .. with IE no prob it's OK.
In short, the user rendering is not there, you cannot open a desktop or an application.


If I go "live" by the IP (vip HA, which carries the two IPs of the webi) no Pb even with chrome, I therefore suppose a Pb with the Netscaler conf, maybe at the level of the sessions policy /profile ...?


thank you for your feedback

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