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Bug? - Mac users have to reinstall Workspace often



We have a dozen Mac users who are running Workspace to get published apps. It seems like once per month (time varies) Mac users have to uninstall Workspace, reinstall and reconfigure Workspace for it to function again. We had the same issues with Receiver for Mac as well. 

1) Mac user launches Workspace or Receiver

2) They click on the app they want to run

3) A secondary Citrix icon pops up in their dock and after a few seconds it disappears and the app does not open


It took me a long time to figure out a workaround. The only way I found to get this working every time is to:

1) run the Workspace installer and select Uninstall

2) Go to Library / Preferences and delete any com.citrix* entries

3) Run the Workspace installer and create an account again


That always solves the problem. The question is: Why does this happen? It's as if Mac OS is corrupting the Citrix install. I get the same results with Yosemite-Catalina.

Surely others have seen this as well?


We are running XenApp 7.15. There are two servers hosting all the apps with a witness server for MSSQL. Everything works fine for PC users. No issues. Only Mac users have this problem.

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