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1912 Controller Brand New Install Hangs



ISO file is mountain as a CD to the VM in vCenter.


Starting the install from AutoSelect.exe as usual and get to the Get Started page. After clicking on "Delivery Controller", the window disappears but I can see in Task Manger that the process "Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops" is running and consuming memory.

nothing ever happens no matter how long the wait.

All security software was removed. No AV software either.

the log file C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\Citrix\XenDesktop Installer is not helpful


Attempted to run the XenDesktopServerSetup.exe directly from the CD and just get a black dos box with nothing showing in it and hangs.


Installed the pre-reqs first, but that didn't help either.

Attempted the install on a 2016 Server (instead of 2019), same issue.

Attempted the install by extracting the ISO and running locally, same issue.

Downloaded the ISO again to make sure that I don't have corrupt files, same issue

Logged on to the server as a local Admin and attempted the install. Same issue.

Ran process monitor to watch the install and didn't notice any errors.


any suggestions?


Thank you!


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Hi, aosmantx. 

The reason you get the black box when running it directly is because the AutoSelect is the only way to start this installation. 

The step where the installation is hanging is revealed in the installer logs.  The step it stopped on is a clue.  How far did it get?  

If you aren't getting anywhere with this, you might open a tech support case.  


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Hi Aosmantx,


Did you happen to find a solution for this issue? I'm experiencing the exact same issue and have attempted the same fixes, but unfortunately have not had any success.  I've opened a support case with Citrix, but am still awaiting a callback.  I'm hoping you've had better luck and can post your solution.  If I am able to find a solution on my own or with support from Citrix I too will post the solution as well.


Thanks in advance!

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