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EPA Windows Update missing patches

Ross Bender

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We are using EPA and have a policy configured (post-auth via nfactor) checking for no missing Windows update patches of "critical" type:


However, today we faced issues with users not being able to connect due to Windows updates that were released just yesterday (e.g. KB4565633).


I'm trying to see if there a way to configure a "grace period" where we can enforce critical patches need to be installed within X number of days. The only other relevant policy option I see for Windows update is "last update check" with X days. However I've seen CTX219293 which notes the last update check requirement will fail unless automatic updates are enabled. This would cause users with a manually up-to-date system to fail the EPA scan.


Is there any other way that I could approach this problem, to still have some enforcement of an up-to-date system that has some built-in leniency?


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