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Failed upgrade / repair xen 6.5

Rudy Hartomo


Hi all,


i got an error Errno 2: No such file or directory : '/tmp/state-hTsoQu/etc/ntp.conf' Please refer to your user guide or contact a Technical Support Representative for further details. when i try to repair / upgrade my xen. can anybody help my with this case? i search all the topic but not found it.






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Is the error only when doing a repair/upgrade? If you boot it does it function properly? If so I would export your VM's and 

install XenServer 8.x or 7.1 LTSR (depending on your licensing) and import your VM's on a single host system.  If it does not 

boot properly you are on shaky ground because XenServer 6.5 is no longer support. I would probbably try installing 

XenServer 6.5 again with the preserve local SR option. Be very careful ! A mistake and doing a normal install will wipe 

your local SR clean. 




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