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NetScaler 12.1 Appflow return ICA Session GUID don't match session GUID from XenDesktop API

Jack Ji

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Hello guys,

I have NetScaler 12.1 and XenDesktop 1912 LTSR.

I establish a desktop session from netscaler and also setup Appflow configuration at NetScaler.

By parsing the flow I received from NetScaler, I found that ICA session GUID can't match the one I got from XenDesktop Powershell API.

For example, I got a ICA session GUID from Appflow is                        d1f712bd-e405-47b3-aeb2-3ec0c1d751ac.

But from XenDesktop API the actually session GUID is SessionKey  : d1f7129d-e405-47b3-8eb2-3ec0c1d7518c.

We could see it have very little different for some character like '8' change to be 'a'.

I found the logs from /var/logs/ns.log showing that:

Jul 14 16:22:45 <local0.notice> 07/14/2020:08:22:45 GMT ns121 0-PPE-0 : default ICA Message 4077 0 :  "Session setup data send: Session GUID [d1f712bde40547b3aeb23ec0c1d751ac], Client IP/Port [], Server IP/Port [], MSI Client Cookie [Non-MSI], Session setup time [07/14/2020:08:21:49 GMT], Client Type [0x0001], Receiver Version [], User [load1], Client [], Server [E71701], Ctx Flags [0x8000020220], Track Flags [0x7b501003fc], Skip Code [0]"

So I could exclude my parsing error for appflow.

I also test by setup more session from NetScaler, there are also one or two character difference from each other.


Can anybody also meeting same situation with me and have a workaround for this? Or anybody knew that this would probably a known issue for NetScaler?




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