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virtual service fault reporting

Bin Huang

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Hi I am using a VPX200 in HA mode. 


And I'd like to monitor the virtual services at the back of the VPX200. Is it possible to configure the VPX to send an email notification upon seeing a virtual service does not meeting the health monitor criteria for that particular service? 


Currently I can see the service state will turn red once the service is down but unsure if the VPX is able to send an email notification out to indicate the service fault. 



Kind regards,


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ADC (netscaler) doesn't do email notification; it does do SNMP alerts.  Specify trap destination and alerts for entity state can be reported.  Your SNMP trap destination can do email based on alerts it sees.


Citrix ADM can do SNMP and email notification based on triggers.  ADC reports snmp alerts to ADM and you can set up triggers/actions to send an email based on the events.  

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