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China Language on Server 2019

Sean Kane1709151825


Hello, hoping someone can provide me with advice on what should be a relatively solution.


I need to make the Chinese Simplified language available to all users on a Citrix XA 7.x server running Server 2019.


I have tried the Language Pack installation as well as the information found here: https://patrickvandenborn.blogspot.com/2019/10/wvd-and-vdi-automation-change-in.html


Both have not produced the results I seek. Basically, when I open an excel document containing Chinese characters on the servers in question, (new builds, persistent without MCS) i cannot view the characters. 


What am I missing to get Chinese Language to appear properly for all users?



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FYI to anyone looking for this in the future, I had to change the regional settings and system locale on the server to Chinese Simplified after installing the Chinese Language Pack. Than, I set the default display language for all new users to Chinese Simplified. I had to delete existing profiles on the server so that they would be recreated. When I did that, it created them in Chinese and the fonts carried over into the users profiles.


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