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Application Error - ERROR[stderr]

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Hi All, 


Application hosted on netscaler ADC reporting a error :


ERROR[stderr] (ServerService Thread pool --74)   java.naming.communicationException : failed to connect to any server . Servers treid [https://mysite.com:80 (Operation failed with status WAITING aft 5000 MILLISECONDS )]  [Root Exception is java.net.ConnectException Operation failed with status WAITING aft 5000 MILLISECONDS].


Tried with bypassing the ADC and direct hit on backend server, application is functional. But with Netcsaler it is responding with above error.




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Please provide details of the type of config generating the error and a little more about the application/context of issue:  lb vserver, vpn vserver, cs vserver.  Is the traffic web or LDAP?  


A similar error string has been reported with gateway/ldap issues:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX269461

But no way to know if this has anything to do with the circumstances you are see this error generated. (This isn't your exact issue once you compare messages in more details, but it an example)


The problem I see is that you have a connection to https but on port 80 somehow being generated.

So my guess is a mix up in the load balancing  or URL generations where an SSL redirect is occurring but the port is not being replaced properly. With the ADC being unable to connect to HTTPS:80 as opposed to HTTP:80 vs HTTPS:443.


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