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Is there a possibility to show assignments to a Action




it was already dscuss here:  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/390804-citrix-wem-how-to-show-assignments-of-an-action/#comment-1987462


but I will bring it back. Is there now an Option to show the Assigments to a Action if you don't now the AD Group where the Action is assigned to? If I double click a Action and this is already assigned, it will come up a Information "that the Action is already assigned"  but it will not show to which Group the Action is assigned. Is very difficult to find a Information about assigments of Actions.



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Dang, this product has been out for years and such a simple thing is still missing. All we have are discontinued projects others have started. Arjan's module works well, but he's got some check in there that doesn't work out of the box with new versions (it hasn't been updated since 2/20). You need to update the "New-WEMDatabaseConnection" to disable the check for newer versions (he has very strict compatibility. It does work well, but there isn't any documentation or examples. You just have to poke around with it. 



$db=New-WEMDatabaseConnection -Server 'sqlserver' -Database 'CitrixVUEM'
Get-WEMAppAssignment -Connection $db | where {$_.AssignedObject -like '*App Name*'}


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