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Email Based Discovery Setup Help


Hi all,


I am in the process of setting up email based discovery (internally only) at the moment but having some problems and want to run this by everyone to make sure I have the right idea before going any further.


I have the certificate assigned to the Storefront with around 8 SANs for discoverreceiver.****** for each of the email domains in use by our users. I have also added the SRV record to internal DNS using:


Service: _citrixreceiver

Protocol:  _tcp

Port: 443

Host offering: FQDN of Storefront.


We have one domain in use within the business and the users created under this single domain can have one of say 8 different email domain variants (other companies we own), so for example user1@company1com, user2@company2.com and user3@company3.com.


We also have only one DNS forward lookup zone setup which is named the exact same as the domain. At the moment if I add the SRV record under that forward zone then the users have to type in user1@domain.com rather than their actual email address. Am I correct in thinking I will need to setup forward zones along with SRV records for each email domain varient in use?



Many thanks in advance. 


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