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Total size used three times to size of the vm after restoring backup

Walter Hendriksen


Hi all,


We have a production server at our office that is running one vm, the hypervisor is xenserver 8.0

The size used by the vm is around 130GB, but 390GB is used on the sr.


This all started after we had to restore a backup (made with Xen Orchestra) because off a faillure.

Since then the total used size is 390GB, so three times the size off the actual vm that is running.


This results in a backup issue since the backup destination is being filled with backups of 390GB instead of 130GB.
In the beginning (after the backup was restored) the vm was 120gb, and total size used was 360gb.
So the total size growths allong with the size of the actual vm.


I've search all over the internet to found out whats wrong, but i can't find anything.
This could be because the lack of knowledge about xenserver.


I hope you can help me out with this issue.



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No snapshots found, ii started in in october 2019, so yes, it has been over 24 hours en there's enough free space.


Standalone server

HP Proliant DL380 G10
Array-1 4*240gb SSD in raid-5
Array-2 2*300gb hdd in raid-1

Array-3 2*900gb hdd in raid-1

Hypervisor 8.0


I've added a screenshot of both sr's, one for the vm (default sr) and one sr for xen orchestra 



default sr.pdf sr xoa.pdf

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When looking in the hypervisor console i see that there are 2 SR's present, see attachements.


The default SR (OS) is marked as device /dev/sdc
The XOA SR is marked as device              /dev/sdb


I remember that the raid-5 with 4*240GB SSD was marked as /dev/sda as can be seen with fdisk -l:

Disk /dev/sda: 720.1 GB, 720070336512 bytes, 1406387376 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 262144 bytes / 786432 bytes
Disk label type: gpt
Disk identifier: 6EF8622A-5852-4B7F-BC4D-06809E91D3B7

#         Start          End    Size  Type            Name
 1     46139392     83888127     18G  Microsoft basic
 2      8390656     46139391     18G  Microsoft basic
 3     87033856   1406387342  629.1G  Linux LVM       
 4     83888128     84936703    512M  EFI System      
 5         2048      8390655      4G  Microsoft basic
 6     84936704     87033855      1G  Linux swap


The vm was first installed on this sr, but is was thick provisioned (550GB) so ran into troubles with backups.
So i added a new SR as EXT3 (on the raid-1 with 2*900GB) and moved the vm to this SR. The backup issue was resolved.
Now it seems that the vm that is running is located at /dev/sdc as you can see in the attachement.

But when i try to create a new sr from /dev/sda i get an error saying that the device is in use.
How do i know for certain that i can create a new sr from /dev/sda and how do i do this?

SR-OS.pdf SR-XOA.pdf

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