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Add EULA to Load Balancing Virtual Server

Sean Ritter

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I am using a load balancing virtual server (IP) to publish an internal website using a load balancing service.  I am wondering if it is possible to add the EULA to this set up.


I have also tried a Netscaler Gateway virtual server with EULA only authentication from the Citrix instructions, I have had to the point where the EULA displays but after clicking continue, I am having problem setting this VIP up to use the load balancing service instead of using a load balancing virtual server.

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Thank you Carl


I've set everything up as documented.  I am having trouble configuring the load balancing virtual IP to use it.    I've set the authentication to 401 based.  Authentication virtual server to the AAA Virtual server and it returns:  "No active policy is found in authentication cascade".


Thanks for the help!

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