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Ports used for HA Synchronization & Propagation

Paul Blitz


So, whilst reviewing the slide decks for the new CNS-225 course, and looking at the exam questions, we found a discrepancy in the Citrix docs, relating to the uses of ports 3008/9/10/11


Historically, in the training course, we have stated:

  • High-availability configuration synchronization occurs on TCP port 3010 (3008 secured).
  • Command propagation between the primary and secondary occurs on TCP port 3010 (3008 secured).
  • The heartbeat messages are UDP packets sent via port 3003 of the other node in a high-availability pair.


If you look at the docs, at https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-gateway/13/high-availability/ng-ha-how-it-works-con.html  it says: 

  • TCP port 3010 is used for the high availability configuration synchronization.
  • TCP port 3011 is used to synchronize configuration settings.

(so, it agrees.... )


HOWEVER, when you look in https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX101810 it says:

  • TCP3008               Secure High Availability configuration synchronization
  • TCP3009               For secure MEP.
  • TCP3010              Non-secure high availability configuration synchronization.
  • TCP3011               For non-secure MEP.


(and, the slides in the CNS-225 appear to have been updated to say the same)


Does anyone have any other up-to-date references that might help clarify this?



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