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LACP VLAN Tagging on SDX, VPX Profile and VPX

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I got SDX with LACP
I got VPX's on that SDX, using those LACP's


LA/1 is managment -> Access Port (Cisco)
LA/2 is SYNC -> Access Port (Cisco)
LA/3 is production -> Trunk
LA/4 is DMZ -> Trunk


Should all the "Trunk" LACP have "Tag ALL" on BOTH SDX, VPX Profile and in the VPX?

Right now I only have "Tag ALL" on the VPX Profile and VPX.

And for those "Access Ports", i'm using "Tag NO"

This is on the VPX:

set ns config -nsvlan 5 -ifnum 0/1 -tagged NO
add vlan 5
add vlan 10 -aliasName TEST
bind vlan 10 -ifnum LA/3 -tagged
bind vlan 10 -IPAddress

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