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Upgrade Citrix environment 1912 CU1




As i mentioned in my previous question i want to upgrade my Citrix environment to the latest version 1912 CU1. I've got a few more questions before upgrading;


  1. My Storefront servers run version 3.16. All other servers, like the Delivery Controllers and the licensing servers, run version 7.15. Can i upgrade them all directly to version 1912? Do i have to install the latest CU of the currently installed versions first?
  2.  Is CU1 a seperate installation? Or does the 1912 installation media contains CU1 allready?
  3.  I have several published app servers. Do i upgrade them before the delivery controllers?
  4.  Do i have to mount the 1912 iso file on every server i want to upgrade?
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1) Yes, you can upgrade them all directly to 1912 CU1 if that's the version you want. You don't need to upgrade to 7.15 CU5 first (snapshot the StoreFront servers first as they are the ones most likely to fail during the upgrade).

2) The 1912 CU1 is a complete build in it's own right, or can be used to upgrade from an earlier version. If you don't have any version of CVAD installed, you can use the CU1 ISO to do a clean build as it contains the entire install.

3) see https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/1912-ltsr/upgrade-migrate/upgrade.html for a flowchart of the upgrade process.

4) Not necessarily. you can copy the contents of the ISO to a network share then mount it on every system that needs to be upgraded and run the autoselect.exe over the network.





Ken Z


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