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Scaling and load balancing for CVAD LTSR

Joshua Freedkin


I am Creating a new farm with Server 2019 and CVAD LTSR, for running about 15 Published apps and 100 Virtual Desktops, I was going to have 2 Store Front servers (load balanced on our ADCs) and read that for up to 5000 Virtual Desktops you only need 1 Delivery Controller.   Is that accurate? 
We use have always used 2 Brokers/Delivery controllers and 2 Store Front servers (with 7.6).

We don't want to waste resources but where is a good starting size?


Thank you

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If all StoreFront servers or all Delivery Controllers are down, then users cannot launch new sessions. Existing sessions should be fine. If Delivery Controllers are down, then non-persistent machines won't reset at logoff. In small environments, I usually install StoreFront on the Delivery Controller servers.

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Okay so If I make my 2 load balanced severs run StoreFront plus Delivery controller, and then my stand along run Licensing plus Director, that should scale up to 250 or 500 users max (which sounds like it fits into "small" environment sizing).

I was going to start 2 with 12 GB of Ram plus 2 CPU's and add CPU's as I see performance requiring.

[BTW, long time follower of your blog!, big fan]

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