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Citrix Director check idle time


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Based on the following sources, I would say that it is not possible:




The Idle time is displayed as N/A when the session or application instance

has not been idle for more than 10 minutes,
is launched on a VDA of Single-session OS, or
is launched on a VDA running Version 7.12 or earlier.




Idle time shows up in Director only after 10 to 15 minutes of no session activity.

Idle time is available only for RDS sessions.

Idle time can also be obtained using the Get-BrokerSession commandlet on DDC. “IdleDuration” field captures this information in the commandlet output.

If you are upgrading from previous XenDesktop versions to 7.13, you need to upgrade Director, Delivery Controller and VDAs for idle time to show up.

In this release, the Application Instances feature is available for Platinum Licensed Sites only.


I'm guessing there is an idle timer that has to be reached in RDS before Director recognizes that the session itself is actually idle.  Then Director would list the session as being idle and the count would start at 1 minute and continue from there until activity is detected.


Also referenced in the second URL is the ability to pull this information using PowerShell via the Get-BrokerSession command (see example below, showing my StartTime and IdleSince having less than a 10 minute difference):


Get-BrokerSession | select BrokeringUserName,StartTime,IdleDuration,IdleSince | fl

BrokeringUserName : labdomain\jgrimm
StartTime         : 7/6/2020 6:21:34 AM
IdleDuration      : 01:27:28
IdleSince         : 7/6/2020 6:28:56 AM


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