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Mouse cursor offset on external monitors

Phil Tukey1709160733


We just upgraded our Citrix environment over the weekend. I have one user that when he launches a Citrix application the mouse cursor is offset. I have had him try to go into the settings of the Citrix Workspace connection center on his local Citrix receiver and in the High DPI section change the settings, and that did not work. He is running a laptop with 2 external monitors. If he unplugs the laptop it works just fine, it is only when he has the external monitors plugged in.

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On 7/10/2020 at 9:02 AM, David Clark1709160691 said:

The DPI scaling on all monitors attached to the client need to be the same value.  Laptop display panel is often defaulted to 125-150% while external panels will be at 100%.




Thanks for the reply. I tested this and it works however most external monitors that I have with my users, have a resolution of anywhere from 150% to 200% as their recommended resolution and if we change it things get really, really tiny. In our environment there used to be an option to set the "resolution" on the Citrix side to a specific resolution. However that option is gone. Do you know of a) any other way to resolve this and b) any way to get the Citrix resolution option back?

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