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An unknown AppLayer is deleting files in published layered image


I'm going to build an Windows 10 Image containing OS-, Plattform- and about 25 App Layers. In the OS layer there are some program files in a folder that do no more exist in the published layered image. If I build an image which only contains OS- and Plattform Layer there is no problem and the files are still existing in the layered image. Therefore I assume that it must be one of the AppLayers.

Is there an easy way to find out which AppLayer is delelting my files?


I have already exportet the logs of the ELM after publishing the layered image and checked UniSysLibLog (in my case UniSysLibLog.2) and camlogfile. In UniSysLibLog.2 I found the appropriate lines that are affecting the deletion of the files which are for example beginning with:

2020-06-30 12:47:50 INFO  20630 [uni.ca.syslib.copyfolder] DeleteFileOrDirectory(2571): DeleteFileOrDirectory: task 0, deleting file '/mnt/CAMS/188816A.....[Path to folder/file]

But unfortunately I can't identify which layer causes the deletion.

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I have had this problem a few times. First things i do is publish the image with elastic layers turned off. This will eliminate all those layers if it still happens. Unfortunately I have only found by making my list of layers and splitting them in two. Create two images with the both lists and test. The image that has the missing file, take that list and split it in two....and so on.


It is time consuming but will will narrow down the layer that is causing the problem.


Good Luck



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