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Fat Client authentication

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I have a Java Fat Client that need access to a Java server application behind a NetScaler and firewall 

this application has a local authentication, but we need to make sure we could authenticate users before they go to the server by AD account or certificate or ... 

so, I was wondering if I could use NetScaler to authenticate users 

this is not a web application it is a fat client java application and a JBOSS server 


this fat client needs to be installed on the user laptop and cannot be on a jump host type solution 


any idea? 

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You could probably do this via the vpn vserver; I don't think AAA application traffic or a non-vpn connection will help, if its not handled like web traffic.


client access to backend over the vpn tunnel. 

Then vpn vserver (gateway in full vpn mode) can handle authentication and authorization requirements.

You would need the vpn client though.

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