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Android Enterprise Enrolling Devices

Chris Tyson1709156276


We are testing Android Enterprise using the Citrix DPC identifier and COPE/Work Profile enrollment type. All goes well until SecureHub requests the users credentials at which point it stalls with the rotating blue circle. This does not time out and cannot be cancelled except by turning off the device, at which point we are back to the initial SecureHub UPN,Email or Server prompt.


Looking on the console we can see the device is MDM enrolled but not MAM.


We have dedicated device policies for Passcode and Restrictions for android enterprise users.


Anyone come across this?

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Yes, there will be a release of SH which will block Android 10 enrollments on DA mode. The one coming out next - does not have that - it has fixes for the issue you mentioned and also has a feature that enables seamless transition from 32bit SH to 64bit SH. Important to update to this release.


The release post this will have the change to block DA on Android 10.

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Nope, you can test Android 10 on AE even when the next release comes out. We are not blocking until known major issues are resolved. We have many customers who have already transitioned and many who are transitioning. Your issue would require a look into logs, as similar problems have been fixed by afw#xenmobiletest. Can you open a support case ? 


The other thing that comes to mind that we can try is:  for the device in question - can you goto Manage Devices ->  Secure -> Authorize.  This happens when the device is wiped and is stuck in that state. 

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