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Radius challenge/response account lock


I have an issue at a customer with Radius authentication through gateway. The gateway is set up with a single Radius policy to a windows NPS server. The windows NPS server does windows account authentication and forwards to SMSPasscode for challenge response.

Normally this works without any issues when the users are out of the office and using the Citrix Gateway. However sometimes the users accidently click their workspace app to login and figure out they don't have their phone with them. Now the workspace app asks for the challenge response passcode, and if the users clicks to cancel it just pops up again until the SMSPasscode solution locks them in that system.

I have no idea why this is happening. I have tried reproducing it on my own machine using credentials from the customer and the same smspasscode solution, but for me it just works. I can cancel the passcode window and there is no continuous prompt for me. So I'm thinking it's a local computer/workspace app setting, but I'm at a loss. Any one got an idea on where to start?

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