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Calling api.rightsignature.com/public/v1/sending_requests is returning an error

Mission Capital


When we call this endpoint, first we get responses with a status and message:

{"id":"an-id-here","status":"downloading","status_message":"File downloading","document_template_id":"a-doc-id-here","created_at":"2020-06-29T10:05:26.786-07:00","updated_at":"2020-06-29T10:05:28.844-07:00"}

But then after polling for a few seconds it turns into:

{"id":"an-id-here","status":"errored","status_message":"Creating Document from file","document_template_id":"a-doc-id-here","created_at":"2020-06-29T10:05:26.786-07:00","updated_at":"2020-06-29T10:05:38.666-07:00"}

We're not sure how to troubleshoot this. It worked in our staging environment perfectly fine but then when deploying to production we started getting this error. The API key is the same in our staging and production environments.

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