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Windows 10 Refresh Application without relogin


Hello @all,

is it normal that we have to relogin when we refresh the application based on acrive directory groups on our Windows 7/ 10 machines?

for example. we had word published for our users. when we add the user directly to the application and refresh the workspace app / receiver on Windows 7 /10 the application appers.

When we use an AD group instead of the user we have to logoff and login the workspace app /receiver.


on our Wyse TC we didnt have this issue.


Thanks a lot for any help.



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I've been struggling to get Workspace App to update as well... not even when content is assigned via group.  Just adding the app to the user's AD account.  In a browser, everything works fine, but in the workspace app, it seems like it's reading too much from the cache and isn't updating.

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