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ADM Pooled License VPX Cluster stuck in sync in progress

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Upgraded our VPX over to the pooled license

All VPX and ADM running 13.0

Standalone and HA pair going to pooled license without issue


However VPX that in a cluster

On ADM,its state is sync in progress with no allocation

However on the VPX itself,it shows the allocation

Rebooted both cluster node and same issue


Nothing is being blocked on firewall


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Sorry missed the last post, we saw this with standalone as well.  The latest release 61.48 has this listed as a fix but we have not tested:


The instance license status appears as "Sync-In-Progress" instead of "Managed" when the following conditions are met:

1. The multiple licenses belong to the same edition and pool.

2. An ADC instance checks out the license from the pool.

[# NSADM-55928]

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13.0-67.39 came out yesterday with the fixed issue

Pooled license information for ADC cluster nodes is not displayed correctly in the ADM dashboard.

[ NSHELP-24359 ]


Updating my ADM to this version just now and the issue is now resolved

Kinda strange it takes this long for a fix. Had this issue back in June 

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