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Questions about virtualization technologies.

XenServer Boy



What is the difference between "HVM with PV driver" and "PVHVM" ?

2- Full virtualization mean all hardware(CPU, Disk,...) virtualized?

3- The HVM using AMD-V and Intel-vt technologies and VM have a direct access to the CPU?

I'm thankful if anyone explain it for me. It is a little confusing.


Thank you.

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Similar, but not quite. HVM with PV driver is a newer technology that has a somewhat better optimization, if I recall correctly.

Not sure what you mean by "direct access to CPU". The virtualization is ultimately optimized by the AMD-V and Intel-vt CPU design.

All I/O goes through various buffering processes, cache, etc. so it's not a simple process.

Passthrough will only work as I understand it with certain types of hardware. Sorry, am not fully famililar with the limitations. See for example: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2016/11/03/pci-pass-through-on-xenserver-7-0/



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Some emulator like Qemu, emulate the CPU but the guest not have any direct access to the CPU. In other type-2 like VirtualBox, the guest OS has the same CPU that host OS has. If host CPU is Intel core i-7 then the guest OS has it too.

Excuse me, the technology names are confusing:

"HVM with PV driver" and "PVHVM" are same too?

Google can't find any good result.

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