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App Layering Template VM not visible in MCS (Cloud)?

Martin Mason1709161894


Hi Guys, using ELM and CVADs Cloud, i have successfully installed App Layering and have created OS Layer, Platform Layer, and a single App Layer, i have then created a template with these layers and the template VM gets created fine in the hypervisor (vSphere). But when i log into Cloud and try and create a Machine catalog using this app-layer template VM i cannot see in the list of target VMS.


I have tried various connection permutations but nothing seems to work, i can see all other VMS and i can deploy machine catalogs and provision machine using a standard VM, i have followed the various guides etc but nothing seems to work, please help if you can :)



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21 minutes ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Does the hosting connection you set up in cloud include the datastore where you published your master image?

Hi Rob, thanks for the reply, yes the connection includes the datastore were the master image is published, i can see all other vms in the same location apart from the app-layer provisioned vm, i have checked the permissions on the folder, and the subsequent 'TemplateVMs' the process creates, i have moved the VM into the parent folder and i still cant see the VM.

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Rob thanks mate :), i recreated a host connection and selected the parent cluster address to where my folder lives (if that makes sense) and i can now see the VM, really weird as App-Layer connection is configured to place in the 'sub folder' that i have assigned.


I will go back to my Vmware guy and get him to see if he is ok with me selecting the parent folder, or is there a way i can force app layering to place the vms in location i select?


Thanks again for your help dude, mòran taing

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