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Is there an easy way to retrieve related configuration items via nitro API?

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We are migrating a lot of our VIPs from one network environment to another mostly by subnet each time. Is there an easy way to retrieve related config for a vserver (LB or CS) without having to make lots of individual api requests.


For instance, I provide a vserver name and get all related objects returned - Servicegroups, servicegroupmembers, monitors, responderpolicies, *binding objects... etc. 

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Thanks for replying, Carl. The overall architecture we're using is microservice based and we use another microservice to make the calls to the nitro api. At the minute we're just using Python to make multiple API calls per LB/CSvserver to pull all related objects. I was hoping Citrix had an easier, more efficient way via the API.

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you are pretty much expected to work out how the API represents the same config and iterate through this to pull sub items you want, and its not necessarily obvious how.

honestly its more intuitive to munge the config files as you are used to how that's all represented.

the only reason I use it is we have quite a few VPX's and I have a script iterate through all of them via ADM and regularly code up checks for exploits, etc rarely just pure config in general, always something very specific. (ie does the vserver have a backup set to a url that matches this criteria, do we have old ciphers enabled on any vserver) 

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