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Android Enterprise Public App Store apps do not appear in store on Enterprise enrolled devices

Stephen Faulkner




We are slowly testing Android Enterprise on our test XM on-prem servers and have hit various issues which I am trying to overcome one by one.  One of them is that Android Enterprise platform apps (MS Word for example) do not appear in the Store on an Android 10 Enterprise enrolled device (work profile).  The app was added to our Play Work store a day ago and I had no issues adding it as an app to XenMobile i.e. no messages where displayed stating that I have to approve it in the work play store first.


Interestingly if I add MS Word as an Android (legacy DA) platform app then the app DOES show in the store on an Enterprise Enrolled device so I am a bit confused.  We don't have any deployment rules setup for each of the platforms so I am really just testing basic functionality with Public Store apps i.e. just trying to get them available on Android Enterprise device using the Android Enterprise platform option within the app properties on XM.


We are running on-prem 10.12 RP2



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The EMM token afw#xenmobile or afw#xenmobiletest is only for Fully Managed devices not for Work Profile.  I beleive your issue is a little different than fixed by the updated Secure Hub.


In Android enterprise - public store apps will not appear in the Secure Hub store. The Managed Play on the Work Profile side is where all your apps will appear. 

You can control auto update and other policies via Citrix Endpoint Management console.


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Hi there,


You might have a problem where new apps do not show up In the Google Play Store until the Secure Hub store is opened up and refreshed. Afterwards, if the user then goes back in to the Play Store again, then the newly provided apps could appear. This can affect new apps, added after the device has already been enrolled. If the apps are available from the time when the device is enrolling, then they just show up right away, as soon as the enrolment is finished.


If this is something that matches your problem, then it should become resolved in the latest Secure Hub version. As a temporary workaround, make sure that the Secure Hub users opens up the Secure Hub Store to refresh it after the new apps are published and provided.

You can also try enrolling the device using the EMM Token method for Android Enterprise with a test version of Secure Hub. Use the following EMM Token when enrolling for this test:




This should mean that the test build of Secure Hub gets installed for Android Enterprise. This build is not suitable for use in a production environment but it is suitable for additional testing with.


Best regards,

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Hi David,


Thanks for taking the time to reply, I have managed to install MS Word from the Play Store app located in the Work Profile on the device.  It seems that even after a refresh, log off & on\re-enrol MS Word refuses to display in Secure Hub store or show in My Apps even though it has been installed and shows in the Work Profile.


I did also try the EMM Token method and can confirm the same that MS Word does not show in Secure Hub but does in Work Profile Play Store.  Just for testing I did make MS Word a Required App as it was Optional before but this has made no difference.


Kind regards




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Thanks Chetant1,


Apps not appearing in Secure Hub Store is a change of behaviour that I was not aware off or could see documented anywhere, this caused me to create a discussion about it.  I have read through the article and it all makes sense.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Kind regards



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