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How to put a GSLB site offline for Maintenance Purposes

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Hello Folks,


We have multi site setup (GSLB Site 1 and GSLB Site 2) setup for end users to connect to applications and using least connection LB method. We have requirement where we want our users to always go to GSLB site 2 so we can perform maintenance activities at site 1 and there is no impact of services. How can we achieve it effectively ?


I have thought of below 2 ways to achieve this or please advise if we have any other ways around. One should serve the purpose well and post maintenance help us enabling site quickly .


1. To disable ADNS service of specific site during Maintenance 

2. To disable GSLB service of specific site during Maintenance 




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Disabling ADNS won't change the DNS responses.


Disabling a GSLB Service does remove that service from the list of DNS responses. If the GSLB Service is a VIP on one of the pairs, then disable it on the pair that has the VIP. The other GSLB pair should show that service down.

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To expand what carl said, if you only disable the gslb service, you take that services destination out of rotation on this ADC location only.


If you disable the lb vserver/cs vserver/vpn vserver that the gslb service represents, then the gslb service will also be down in all locations pointing to that destination and none of the gslb vservers will hand out that gslb services' IP.


which method you should use would depend on if anyone is connecting directly to the destination entity bypassing gslb. So if you disable the gslb service, just remember to update the gslb service state on all participating gslb sites.

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