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nstrace assistance

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Dear Community,


Our Netscaler is seemingly sending suspect traffic to several suspect external IP addresses. After scouring the configs I cannot figure out why it is doing this. The traffic is originating from the Netscalers Management IP address. I am trying to run the nstrace utility to see if it is truly the Netscaler sending the traffic, however, I ran into the following issue:




The device keeps telling me the expression is invalid. Can someone assist?


Thank you. 

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Which version of the firmware are you on as nstrace uses different syntax pre 11.0 vs post 11.0.  (not exactly at 11.0 but it does vary)  (Destip == <ip>) is 9.x support mostly.

Syntax is easy to see using the expression builder for nstrace in the GUI if you need additional info.  Back in the 9.2-9.3 there were syntax variances between 9.x and 10.x prior to 11-ish.

If prior to 11.0 state your version (or use gui to see syntax supported is the easy way):  System > Diagnostics > nstrace.  But since you are using "start nstrace" the below should be fine.


post 11.0 filters use advanced syntax and instead of client.<stuff>  or server.<stuff> the nstrace uses connection.<network stuff>

Like so:



Then the -link enabled will catch all associated traffic to/from that IP.

Don't forget to adjust packet size and whether or not you do or don't want cap vs pacap format...


start nstrace -traceformat pcap -size 0 -filter "connection.ip.eq(x.x.x.x)" -link enabled

# other values as needed; again see GUI for easy view of options and then view syslog to see what the cli version would be

stop nstrace

# when complete...


One other note, 11.x and later, the nstrace at least in the GUI doesn't except <spaces> between clauses if you do a compound expression:

GUI won't like this: 

connection.IP.EQ( || connection.IP.EQ( 

But will take it without the spaces around the OR sign ||



Don't know if it makes a difference at cli; but GUI chokes on it since 11.1 (or 11.0) and later; though it used to not care.


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