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1912 LTSR Virtual Desktop MCS UPM session - user is logged off and cannot log back on internally. User can connect through Netscaler and get back on.


1912 LTSR

Citrix Workspace version 19.9.021

User is logged into internal network(storefront access) on UPM - Windows 10 Non Persistent Desktop MCS for a long period of time - no issues or complaints.

Desktop has slow performance/locks up. Today's particular issue started after the user opened an MP4 file. We provide these Virtual Desktops with 4 CPU and 8gb of ram.

I log into Director and sign the user out.

I ask the user to try and log back in.

I will see that the desktop has a log on session, but no username attached to it.

They will see that the desktop begins the logon process but after a couple minutes it will return them back to Citrix Workspace app.

The logon session gets hung up and I have to force reboot the VM they're connecting to

I switch the user over to hotspot to connect to Netscaler connection

User is able to log in just fine.

I am able to see very quickly that the username is paired with the VDA.

What could cause this? Why would external access work and not internal? Is it just because I'm brokering a new connection? I have checked to make sure that none of the UPM Files are open on the File Server.

I have collected various logs with Citrix, but nobody can give me a definitive answer or any particular reason behind these issues.

Log files collect through - Citrix Scout , Storefront, delivery controllers, VDAs and CDF trace on Endpoints themselves.

I realize that there could be an issue with the Endpoints , but I wanted to make sure for certain that there isn't anything going on from the Citrix backend. I don't really have another device that I can give them. I have reached out to the network team, but they don't see anything that stands out.

Puzzling - hopefully someone can help me make sense of it.

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