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Android (legacy DA) and Android Enterprise apps both show in the Store as available to install

Stephen Faulkner


Using XenMobile on-prem with Rolling Patch 2 installed and after setting up Android Enterprise and enrolling an Android 10 device using Android Enterprise both legacy and Android Enterprise apps are showing in the store.


This is unwanted behaviour as we have a mixture of existing Android devices from v6 upwards through to Android 10.  When switching over to Android Enterprise I don't want to have to re-enrol existing devices and I also want a smooth transition to Android Enterprise.

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I had the same problem, and the fix is to add a deployment rule for the Public apps and MDX. Below is  an unofficiall document from Citrix.


XenMobile can be used to provide users with Citrix mobile productivity apps, MDX pps, public app store apps, web and SaaS apps, enterprise apps, and web links.

For the migration scenario of existing productivity apps please follow the next steps:

-          create a new App Category for existing iOS and Android Legacy Apps

-          move all existing productive MDX Apps into the new category because of better separation in secure hub

-          Edit all existing MDX App for Android (Legacy Mode) with the follow Deployment Rule so the Android App will not been shown twice in SecureHub (one time from DA and one time from AE config)

Limit by known device property name Android Enterprise Enabled Device? isn't equal to true



-          Create a new category for the MDX Android Enterprise Apps only

-          Configure new MDX Apps used for Android Enterprise only

o   Example: SecureMail_AE

o   Assign the apps to the category

o   Configure the app for Android Enterprise only

o   Approve the app in Google Play for Work Store

o   Assign the new MDX app to the delivery group for using with the Android Enterprise Enrollment


Limit by known device property name Android Enterprise Enabled Device? is equal to true


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Thanks for the info Torben - very helpful


I have just looked at one of our MDX apps which currently contains iOS, Android Legacy and Android Enterprise and cannot see the deployment rule 'Limit by known device property' at all.  I have attached a screenshot of the rules that are available to me.


Is this the right place to look do you know?  I also looked at the deployment rules for the delivery groups we have and cannot find such a rule in there either.






*****  SCRUB THAT - I have since found the deployment rule under advanced ****




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1 minute ago, Torben Nordling said:

Hi Steve,


can you try and make a MDX policy that only contains Android DA or AE?


And then see if the option appears.


Best Regards



Hi Torben,


I have since found the option under advanced polices.  I have just updated one app and things look to be working!


Thanks again.





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