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Citrix Time Zone issue if not client machine not set for Eastern causes app to not launch or time.exe to cause user to be kicked off

Tom Swift


We've got an issue with one server in our farm where if a client machine is configured for anything but Eastern time the session will fail to launch.  Further testing with CMD.EXE gets us to a command prompt on the server, but if we type TIME and press ENTER then the session is immediately terminated if the client machine is not in Eastern time.  If the client machine is set for Eastern time and we launch CMD.EXE and are at a command line and type TIME and press ENTER then we are not kicked out and have the ability to change the time.


All the servers have their time sync'd with the domain controller.


If I'm in a non-Eastern time zone and type eventvwr.msc from the command prompt I'm also kicked out immediately.


All the users except one are in Eastern and there is only one server in the farm that's got this issue.  Unfortunately, there are some specialty applications installed on this one server so a rebuild is an absolute last option.

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